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Bolton midfielder Stig Tofting

NAME: Barry Shaw

AKA: Bazza, Baz Barry, Barrington, Stig Tofting, Pukka Chukka

Description: Cultured stroke playing opening RH batsmen and RH Big Spinning Off Spinner. Joined Meltham in 1995 as a medium/quick seam bowler and middle order nudger & nurdler. Top fielder gazelle like in the field with the `safest hands in the club` Barry is also great between the wickets.

Best Batting: 150* vs Barkisland

Best Bowling: 6-2 vs Scholes

Previous Club(s): Lepton Highlanders

Favourite Away Ground: Clayton West - just about big enough

Favourite Game: Winning league in 2nd team at Elland on last day of 2002 season

Favourite Food & Drink: Salad & Diet Coke

Favourite TV / Film: Match of the Day

Karaoke Song: Dizzy by Vic Reeves & Wonderstuff, Mardy Bum -Arctics

Funniest sight in cricket: Mick Wilson in a rowing boat at Saltaire fetching the ball

Best Player Played with: Doddy - top wicketkeeper batsman

What might the oppostion say to you: You slogging fat b****rd

Cricket claim to fame: Once went 7 weeks without scoring a run then got into 1st team.

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