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Chris Earnshaw

AKA: Ernie, Ernest, Obeng (see above), Ginge, Scholesy

 Dour, colourless RH opening or middle order batter and RH dibble. Finally after 15 years of trying established as a second team cricketer

Best Batting: 120 vs Shelley

Best Bowling: 4-16 vs Micklehurst

Previous Club(s): Paddock

Favourite Away Ground: Micklehurst - There's lots of planes to look at

Favourite Game: Any of the finals we have won including Sykes Cups & Yorkshire champions

Favourite Food & Drink: Nawaab Chicken Nuggets & Orange Tango or Ginger Beer

Favourite TV / Film: The Damned United

Karaoke Song: anything by Abba

Funniest sight in cricket: Barkisland, 1st, 2nd and 3rd refusals

Best Player Played with: Barry Shaw, great player

What might the oppostion say to you: Leeds are losing again ginge

Cricket claim to fame: Made it into Scholes websites all time ginger XI

Disclaimer from the Webmaster - This is a made up profile (based on facts)

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