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NAME: George Gaunt

AKA: GG, G Unit, Gina Gee, Orangina, Wasim

 All rounder RH bat and RH golden arm wicket taker specialist. Also fantastic gully skins wearing fielder. No longer growing a beard.

Best Batting: 63 vs Kirkheaton

Best Bowling: 5/30 vs Broad Oak

Previous Club(s): Leymoor, Slaithwaite, Broad Oak, Lepton

Favourite Away Ground: Anywhere with good teas

Favourite Game: Football Manager for the PC

Favourite Food & Drink: Anything off the menu at the Wappy Springs

Favourite TV / Film: Sainsburys training film

Karaoke Song: Y.M.C.A - Village People, Faith - Wham, Outside - George Michael, Karma Chameleon - Culture Club

Funniest sight in cricket: Pixie Parker trapping his left testicle between ball and leg whilst fielding at slip whilst not getting hands anywhere near the catch. 

Best Player Played with: Jake Thorne... HAHA don't be stupid. Rob Palmer.

What might the oppostion say to you:  Excuse me where can I find....? (whilst working in Sainsburys)

Cricket claim to fame: Obviously being the bowler that spoilt Matthew Woods first to 500 run party with a typical second team wicket taker.

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