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NAME - Jack Moulson

AKA - Moo Joo, Moose, Young Moo, Gunter, Mooey (When dad's not around), pop guns, fatty, gayboy/lord, Rocky 

DESCRIPTION - An extremely promising young man that's made his way through the ranks, now a full-time 1st teamer. Lightening in the field (Gazelle-like some might say) Med-quick Bowler with a Vaughan-esque batting style. Loves his on-field banter as well as his Grandma's Drambuie/Sherry Trifle. Always livens up the dressing room.

BEST BATTING - 83* against Slawit last game of 2009 season.

BEST BOWLING - Couldn't tell you.. 4 for something against leymoor in juniors once, maybe.

PREVIOUS CLUBS - None, he bleeds Meltham Cricket Club.

FAVOURITE AWAY GROUND - Almonbury Wes/Honley. Always a good batting deck.

FAVOURITE GAME - Against Scholes at home a few years ago when HP hit a mammoth 212* (great to witness from the scorebox)

FAVOURITE FOOD & DRINK - Big Moo's Chilli w/ big chips and Carling/Foster's at the club.

FAVOURITE TV / FILM - Sky Sports News, Two And A Half Men, Match Of The Day.

KARAOKE SONG - Anything after a few, as long as it's with Armo

FUNNIEST SIGHT IN CRICKET - Pixie (Robert Parker) chucking up on numerous wickets, Erv falling nearly 7ft backwards at Slawit. But a personal favourite.. Big Moo's stripes from startin in the 2nds-present.

BEST PLAYER PLAYED WITH - Howard Palmer and William Fraine (Potentially)

WHAT MIGHT THE OPPOSITION SAY TO YOU - Bloomin' 'eck, you've put on a bit of timber. PITCH IT UP 

CRICKET CLAIM TO FAME - When just 12 years old scored 0 in a majestic 80 partnership in 17 overs with one Bazal Shaw (who scored a superb unbeaten 130 I might add) . Harlon Haye calling him a boring c*** in 2009 for some rather G. Boycott-esque batting for 10 overs to get a point against Honley. Getting prolific run machine David Greaves (then of Shelley) out in 2nds when only 11 years old.

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