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NAME - Jason Boyd

AKA - Boydy, (ex) Delphinium

DESCRIPTION - RH mid order powerhouse, opening right arm 2nd team pace (yet to see that !) or change seamer or tweeker!

BEST BATTING - 103 vs Armitage Bridge

BEST BOWLING - 5-55 vs Micklehurst

PREVIOUS CLUBS - Them overt 'ill (Delph),
Friamere (Pictured on Byrom Shield for those who have never heard of Friamere!), Armitage Bridge (near Netherton for those who have never heard of Armitage Bridge!).

FAVOURITE AWAY GROUND - Armitage Bridge, near Netherton.

FAVOURITE GAME - Any Saturday when the suns out. In't Cricket brill!!

FAVOURITE FOOD & DRINK - Lamb & Guinness (not necessarily together but bonus if they are!!)

FAVOURITE TV / FILM - Dexter / It's A Wonderful Life

KARAOKE SONG - Reunited (never sure who by) only after many, many drinks of some (any) kind!

FUNNIEST SIGHT IN CRICKET - Women carrying a tray of drinks getting hit by a six at Micklehurst, collapsed without spilling a drop. Husband barged through a crowd of concerned onlookers to get the tray asking if she was OK as he shot of with the drinks. Now overshadowed by Pixie in general!!!

BEST PLAYER PLAYED WITH - Martin van Jaarsveld

WHAT MIGHT THE OPPOSITION SAY TO YOU - Pr*ck. Fresh for Holmfirth!

CRICKET CLAIM TO FAME - Playing with Will Fraine (at Cricket). (Glad you clarified that one for us Boydy) 

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