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2014 - The programme for this weekends action at the MCG, disclaimer - not all contained in this may be true, in fact some may just be made up in the interest of banter and p*** take (please do not take offence - some do) and contact me to take it down before you sue us or deduct points.

Matchday Programme 2014. Issue 1 
Saturday 19th April - Jedi Sports Championship 2

Opponents: Thongsbridge CC - from the latin, midgitus bititus.                                                                               
Founded: 1860
Home: Miry Lane

Fact or Urban Myth? Thongsbridge CC is said to be the only cricket club in Huddersfield to have featured on both Robson Green's Extreme Fishing and River Monsters in the same weekend.

Preview: After a long, cold winter the 2014 season finally gets underway as a new look 2nd team gets first use of the MCG square prepared by new head groundsman Martin Wise. The 2nds will be looking to forget a disastrous 2013 campaign with a win over fellow Championship new boys Thongsbridge, who last year finished 2nd in the Conference to gain promotion. New skipper and Meltham stalwart Dave Cocking will be after a win to begin his ambitious pre-season aim of finishing the league season unbeaten and has a healthy mixture of youth and experience at his disposal as he goes about his mission in between bird watching outings.

Prediction: With not much recent playing history between the two sides it's a tough one to call, though last year's Premiership side have a point or two to prove and must surely start as favourites. Meltham to win.

Matchday Programme 2013/6
Sat 8th June - Premiership2

Opponents - Barkisland CC -
from the latin, Carparkus ont Squaricus
Founded - 1899
Home - Woodfield
Altitude - 787 feet - when its cold its bloody cold

Barkisland Fact or Urban Myth - It is the only pavilion in Huddersfield that has hanging baskets full of flowers based on a design by Alan Titchmarsh

Meltham Excuses - Bebb, Cockshaw, Parker, Moulson J, Steeples and the usuals

View from the Press Box - I'm not really interested in Barkisland, I liked Lorenzo at Elland but don't bother to mention him now and I quite like Darren Robinson but as for 2nd team I don't know anyone. I don't know what will happen but whatever happens I will not write about it, someone could get 140 and it be a real tight affair and I doubt i'll give it an inch. All that said Barkisland to win.

Matchday Programme 2013/5 
Sat 1st June - Premiership2

Opponents -
Hoylandswaine CC - from latin Nevereverus Stopfora Drinkipuus.
Founded - ? over hundred years ago
Home - Haigh Lane
Altitude - between 750 & 770 feet - bit breezy

Hoylandswaine Fact or Urban Myth - Anyone who whilst batting hits the Methodist church gets a free pork pie (and they are good pork pies).

Meltham Excuses - Storey, Bebb, Cockshaw, Haji, Moulson J Jnr, Steeples, Rudkin, Brook, on & on, etc. etc.

View From the Press Box - Lovely Swaine, love 'em now (didn't like them when they were central league) but now I just love 'em. With all them wonderful ex county players they have replaced Elland as my non Huddersfield favourites. I even know the names of some of the second team players (Darren Lockwood is my favourite ever 2nd team player after Howard Palmer) and because of that I have bet all my belongings, my house and my car on a resounding win for the 'Swaine.

Matchday Programme 2013/4 - Bumper Double Edition
Sat 25th May - Premiership2
Mon 27th May - Championship

Opponents - Sat -
Scholes CC 'B', from the latin Inbredicus
Founded - 1876
Home - Chapelgate
Altitude - 827 feet = mountainous

Opponents - Mon - Thongsbridge CC 'A' - from the latin Blatanti Tapperupti
Founded - 1860
Home - Miry Lane
Altitude - 407 feet - sheltered but a touch moist

Scholes Fact or Urban Myth - The club aim is to have a 1st XI where all players surnames start with B, especially Brook, Bray, Booth & Boorman (res - Birkhead) hence the signing of Toby Booth. Also new club rules state you must have at least 3 of your family signed on to play hence why the Wimpennys left.

Thongsbridge Fact or Urban Myth - The club has produced more players who moved to win trophies at other clubs than any other in Huddersfield and in a bid to stop this they openly **controversial bit deleted**.

Meltham Excuses - Storey, Armitagex2, Cockshaw, Parker, Boyd, Rudkin, Moulson J, Brook, Gaunt etc etc

View From the Press Box:
Sat - Ooooh Scholes, I absolutely love them, I give them press all year round and I think they should have a full section devoted to them in the Holmfirth free paper too (as well as pleas for players & juniors when required). Scholes are brilliant and will easily dispose of a Meltham team who I believe the league have already relegated

Mon - I quite like Thongsbridge, I like them when Brandon was there and when Scottish international Sandy Brown played. I went off 'em a bit when they were rubbish but now they have got them lovely double barrelled hyphenators running the show (especially Ben, he is my favourite) and look like they might get promoted I will aim to feature them more. Away win all day.

Matchday Programme 2013/3
Sat 18th May - Championship

Opponents -
Broad Oak CC, from the latin Crossicus Jostleris
Founded - 1880
Home - Jostler Park
Altitude - 689 feet = bit on the cool side and can be very moist

Broad Oak Fact or Urban Myth - The salad at tea is served in the largest fruit bowl in the northern hemisphere.

Meltham Excuses - Armitages, Cockshaw, Parker, Moulson Jnr

Prediction from the Press Box - I'm not normally a fan of Broad Oak in general unless they have got a good junior or overseas but now one of my favourites in Lee Baxter is back at the Oak I may give them many more column inches. Can't see the feeble Meltham batting getting anywhere near enough runs to trouble Broad Oak and predict a comfortable away win.

Matchday Programme 2013/2
Sat 11th May - Premiership 2

Opponents - 
Armitage Bridge CC, from the Latin Midgicus Biticus
Founded - One of the oldest?
Home - Dean Brook Road
Altitude - 269 feet = mild, midgie, long grass

Armitage Bridge Fact or Urban Myth? - With the grass depth on the outfield measuring an average of 7 inches long there has never been a score of over 300 posted at the Bridge.

Meltham Excuses - Moulson J Jnr, Parker, Boyd, Rudkin

Prediction from the press box - I do like Armitage Bridge, in fact they are my favourite lower league team. I always try to mention Paul 'Lollo Rosso' Hamer and Jumpy when I can and guarantee plenty of coverage for the 1sts. However since this is 2nds I haven't got a clue but will plump for an away win just because I like Armitage Bridge.

Matchday Programme 2013/1
Sat 4th May - Sykes Cup Round 1

Opponents - Shepley CC, from the Latin Folkus Festivalis
Founded    - 1871
Home        - Marsh Lane
Altitude     - 768 feet = cold hole

Shepley CC Fact or Urban Myth? - Much like the Monkeys and Gibralter, it is law that one of the senior teams must contain a player with surname Glover, if not the club will fold and the land goes to Kirklees.

Meltham excuses from - Bebb, Kenworthy, Sykes-Kenworthy, Hamid, Armitagesx2, Cockshaw, Clarke, Parker amongst many others as well as possible excuses from Hinchcliffe, Burgin & Moulson (J) Jnr.

Prediction from the press box - I do like Shepley and guarantee they always get some column inches as well as their fair share of headlines. I particularly love them Glover boys and Tom Denton and always try to give them a mention. I can see nothing but a very large victory for my favourite Cup Kings.
Matchday Programme Issue 2012/19
Sat 8th - Meltham 2nds vs Shepley - League  12.30pm

In a relegation decider Shepley visit Meltham and with good weather all week and more forecast surely a run fest is expected.
The home side are as strong as can be hoped at this time of year with Rudkin and Boyd returning. The visitors will surely be boosting the youth programme with the like of Greaves and Glover doing the bowling.

Played for Both
Current Meltham first team stalwart, tea lady and recruitment officer Simon Kenworthy started his long and illustrious career at Shepley before moving around Huddersfield via Scholes and Linthwaite and ending up in Meltham.
Simon was an opening bowler and destructive middle order batter as well turning out in the pack for Fartown and in a career that has included too many trophies both individual and team before settling in Meltham. His Meltham highlight being winning the Paddock Shield at Scholes despite being forced to miss a couple of days of the final to go to the seaside.
Who'd have thought that a beer drinking Rugby League player would become a wine connosieur, masterchef and tea lady as well as still playing in the first despite 4 new knees amongst other numerous operations.

Melthamapedia about Shepley
Marsh Lane was voted the coldest ground in Yorkshire in 1984 and 1992 and is also one of the hardest in the world to find (good job there is a bus stop as a marker). Shepley is also the venue of the MCC folklore quote of....... "who is that playing for Meltham?...Andrew Macleod?...Never heard of him!"

Too hard to call

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/18
Sat 1st - Meltham 1sts vs Lepton H - League 12.30pm

The first XI wrap up a disappointing home campaign with a visit from the banterous Lepton Highlanders.
Missing several regulars due to holiday, injury & various other excuses there is a first team debuuuu for the promising and little Sam Clegg behind the stumps as well as call ups for the forty somethings in Moulson & Holmes.
The visitors will arrive full of confidence and still chasing a promotion spot, whether they will bring with them some of there more vocal fans is to be seen. Who knows what side they will put out but after the weather this summer it don't really matter.

Played for Both
Both Shaw & Gaunt have already featured and can't think of anybody else, vaguely remember ex WBA & Oldham footballer David Shaw may have played for Meltham in the late 70s/early 80s before becoming a major player for Lepton in the 80s but I could have just made that up, don't know.

Melthamapedia about Lepton
It is in the club deeds that somebody with the surname Hodgson is involved with the club, playing or committee work and the Wakefield Road club hold a village idiot fete every hot & sunny weekend when there is a game of cricket on.

Prediction (No point doing a form guide with this weather)
Lepton to win easy against the weakened home side with only pride to play for.

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/17
Sat 25th - Meltham 2nds vs Kirkburton - League 1pm

With rain forecasted due to it being a bank holiday weekend the home side prepare for the visit of title chasing 'Burton just as everyone starts to go on holiday.
Shorn of leading wickettaker and opening bat Clegg, other opener Armitage and red hot talent Hinchcliffe the chances of shocking last years champions look slim for the home side. Shaw returns from holiday, Cockshaw from injury and Clarke (from work) to add some weight to the side as well as a return for Matt White but after getting 66 & 89 in the last 2 outings the rain may be Melthams best hope of points this weekend.
Don't know the make up of the visitors but no doubt they will be a strong and vocal side.

Played for Both
Meltham 1st team veteran all rounder Daz Deadly Hinchcliffe can, amongst many others, count Kirkburton as a former club but since he has already featured this year that is all I can say.

Melthamapedia about Kirkburton
Some people mistakenly think that they get their name from 'olde English' where Kirk used to mean Chelp and Burton used to mean Brusson, however that is not true it just means the old village of Burton has a church and the Riley Lane ground is the only one in Yorkshire who have campanologists celebrating every wicket and boundary. It is also where I once saw the now Emley opening batter Richard Haynes go for 34 in one extremely funny 6 ball over c1988.

Form Guide & Prediction
Meltham LWLWLL

Unless it rains it will surely be a win for the visitors

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/16
Sat 4th - Meltham 1sts vs Barkisland - League 1.30pm

With the groundsman still away expect another run filled wicket like last weeks as Barkisland travel over from Calderdale for an important top of the table clash as the 1sts are at home for the 3rd week running.
Meltham are again unchanged as it seems nobody can afford to go on holiday this year and will be hoping to build on some recent improved form.
Barkisland were abandoned with the game in the balance like Meltham last week and again will be no doubt hoping for big performances from the likes of Steers & Robinson.

Played for Both/Melthamapedia
As last week, this is the 3rd visit to Meltham by a Barkisland side so I've run out of ideas and Fraine lookalike jokes.

Form Guide & Prediction
Meltham LLAWA
Barkisland ALWWA
Another tight affair expected as they all in are in this tightly contested league but home advantage will tell as Meltham win by 7 runs

Matchday Programme Issue 201/15
Sat 28th - Meltham 1sts vs Broad Oak - League 1.30pm

With good weather this week and the groundsman in Turkey a good wicket full of runs is expected at the MCG when the Colne Valley Swilling Jostlers visit.
It will be the same team again for Meltham this week as they hope to back up last weeks win vs Emley and get back in promotion contention.
As for the visitors they are hoping to bounce back from defeat against Lepton in their 1st home game of 2012 at the boating swilling palace. As usual it will be the likes of Freeland, McCreadie & Rushworth whom the Oak will be looking for big performances from.

Played for Both/Melthamapedia
Since this will be the 3rd visit by a Broad Oak team this year its all been said, good job these features will only last for 1 year!)

Form Guide & Prediction
Meltham ALLAW
Broad Oak AWAWL
Meltham to sneak another controversial close one.

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/14
Sat 21st - Meltham 1st XI vs Emley Clarence - League 1.30pm

Now the Gulf Stream is on the move the 1sts will be hopeful of getting a 50 over game in on Saturday with the Clarence visiting from Emley this week.
For Meltham the Space Cadet returns after a Mental holiday at the expense of the hyphen who drops down to the 2nds with the rest of the team the same as was named for last weeks trip.
Emley no doubt will be relying on the firepower of Mobeen and Lee and runs from Haynes, Greenwood & Kamran and will hoping to bounce back from last weeks defeat at Barkisland especially as they have dropped into the relegation zone.

Last Year
Emley won by 3 runs
Emley won by 1 wicket
Meltham won by 5 wickets

This Year
Emley won by 4 wickets

Played for Both
Nobody as far as I know but Marc Townsend did play cricket for Meltham and football for Emley.

Melthamapedia about Emley Clarence
The walk from changing rooms to the wicket is the longest in the world of amatuer cricket and are the only changing rooms in Huddersfield with a TV in. Emley got the name Clarence after the chairman of the time's love of the TV programme of the same name starring Ronnie Barker from the late 1980s.

Form Guide & Prediction
Meltham AALLA
With neither side tasting victory in over a month a tense and tight affair is predicted with a narrow win for the home side.

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/13
Sat 14th - Meltham 2nd XI vs Elland - League 1.30pm
After the shock of cricket last week at the MCG the next challenge is to see if we can get the first 50 over game in 6 weeks as Elland trek over from Halifax for a relegation 6-pointer.
Meltham are boosted by the availability of occasional players Boyd, Clarke & Burgin before the Huddersfield holidays whilst Field is in Mega-Ruff on a no doubt Mental holiday but it is a like for like replacement as the slightly dimmer Harry Brook replaces.
The visitors side will no doubt be at the mercy of 1st team call ups and could field a strong looking line up if Blakey A, Finn A & Rehman are available however I doubt the high class Thornton will be playing this week and no doubt Palmer will have an injury of some description.

Last Year
Elland won by 77 runs
Elland won by 4 runs
This Year
Elland won by 94 runs

Played for Both
Surprisingly there a few who have ditched the small boundaries, large changing rooms and decent teas for 'Ullen Edge but since this feature will only run for 2012 this weeks P4B will be Meltham great Rob, no sorry, Howard Palmer.
The legendary large one arrived at Meltham after being a slim paceman at Shepley and in Gloucestershire and he soon became one of the major stars of the '90s cup kings. After winning every trophy in 1st team cricket bar the Hopkinson Trophy he dropped into the 2nds where he then went onto win every trophy bar the Schweppes Trophy.
Regarded by most as the best non county player ever seen at Mean Lane, it is a little known fact that Percy has in fact has 3 different personas. The one of the common man seen at cricket, the posh voiced-cravat wearing-champagne drinking banker at work and then the 'Examiner' shouting salesman. Percy also doesn't have bones in his fingers, they are actually made of poppodoms.

Melthamapedia about Elland
Hullen Edge has the smallest changing room floor space to playing surface ratio in world cricket and is the only ground in Halifax with a circumference of over 300 metres. Elland is also the favourite club of the Examiners David Lockwood and they on average get 3.64527 times more column inches than any other club.

Form Guide & Prediction
Meltham AAWLAA
Looking at recent results at the MCG it'll rain watching 2points each.

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/12
Sat 7th July - Meltham 1st XI vs Armitage Bridge - League 1.30pm

This weeks rain watchers are our neighbours from down the big valley Armitage Bridge keen to avenge a home defeat inflicted on them on the only sunny day of 2012.
The hyphen returns after missing last week due to rara prom duties and replaces Simon Kenworthy. William Fraine hopes to be fit after suffering a little bruise on his hand last week at Thongsbridge.
The visitors will be desperate for a win to lift them off the bottom of the table and out of the relegation zone. They will be hoping for runs from BTC, Moorhouse, Vickerman and the overseas of Wolf and wickets from the likes of Lunn, Williamson and Huntington.

Last Year
No meeting
This Year
Meltham won by 43 runs

Played for Both
One player who has the distinction of playing for both is current 2nd teamer Jason Boyd, who after starting at Friarmere (who?) and then Delph had a few years at the Bridge before ending up at Meltham.
The Mojito loving all rounder started and played mostly as a wicketkeeper batsman until becoming a medium pacer and middle order batter at Mean Lane. The fabric maker last year picked up both the batting and bowling prizes at 2nd team level and despite odd 1st team appearances the under 9 coach is happiest drinking cocktails with the Wooldale footballers in the MCC 2nds whilst planning trips to Concerts, Races, Skiing and other such activities.

Melthamapedia about Armitage Bridge
It is a common misconception that you must be a solicitor, accountant or TV presenter to play at Armitage Bridge as sons of people with these occupations and Australians are also allowed to play. The bridge also have the cheapest window cleaning bill in England.

Form Guide & Prediction
Meltham WAAAL
Armitage Bridge LLAAA
As usual with 75% of games at Mean Lane having no result it'll be 2 points each

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/11
Sat 30th June - Meltham 2nd XI vs Golcar - League 1.30pm

This week it is the turn of Golcar 2nds to come to Mean Lane and watch it rain since that is all that happens up there these days.
With Boyd (Stone Rosing), Parker (crocked) & Cockshaw (still crocked) it means a recall for the hungover Brook and last weeks u13 star performers can feel mightily unlucky to miss out this week.
The visitors are flying high in the league and currently sit 3rd (according to the league website) and will travel in confidence. As usual runs have been scored by Urfan & Iqbal and wickets taken by Hall and Brooke.

Last Year
Meltham won by 7wkts
Golcar won by 4 wkts

Played for Both
The first player to spring to mind is 'Glenty' Collier who was a star on the 90s Meltham side and after moving home and clubs has had a couple of successful years up the Colne Valley.
The classy left hand hander, sometime wicketkeeper and excellent tea eater was a bedrock of the Meltham middle order which won everything in Yorkshire in the 90s as well as a cheeky Paddock Shield before giving up cricket to watch rugby and bring up a family. After moving to Golcar he signed on at the village and plays sometime frequently and sometimes infrequently at Swallow lane.
Our Glen states that the move of clubs was motivated by cricket and location however the fantastic teas available no doubt swayed the decision as well as quoting for the double glazing in the new changing rooms.

Melthamapedia about Golcar
The villagers of Golcar claim to do the best teams in England, I don't know if thats true but they do sell good Pork Pies. Golcar also lies out of the village and in Bolster Moor where it benefits from its own 'Micro-Climate' which provides spin friendly wickets all year round.
Swallow Lane is also the ground where Glen 'Played for both' Collier had all his teeth knocked out whilst keeping wicket for Meltham.

Form & Prediction
Meltham  ALLAWL
Golcar     WWALA?

Usual result of 2points each maybe

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/10
Sat 23rd June - Meltham 1st XI vs Holmfirth - League 1.30pm

After 5 games off from 9 so far this year the omens of a game at the MCG this weekend are not good again, this weeks rain watching visitors are Holmfirth.
With Lee Storey still crocked it is the gingerness of Earnshaw that will again skipper an unchanged team that last played on Bank Holiday Monday.
The visitors currently sit in the relegation spots after only 1 win this year but with the likes of Denton, Santner, Cowell & Gummerson they will be hoping they can start to fire and get the season going.

Last Year
Holmfirth won by 75 runs
Meltham won by 50 runs
Holmfirth won by 24 runs

Played for both
There are a few contenders but probably the best known is Yorkshire's former England left armer Ryan Sidebottom.
The shaggy haired, food loving seamer made the short trip from Holmfirth to Meltham in the mid 90s and played a key role in Melthams success in those times. Siddy probably developed his taste for food and drink from the likes of Palmer, Parker & Collier in his short stint at Meltham before moving onto Yorkshire.
In his time at Meltham the Wisden winners highlights included a Sykes Cup winners medal despite being Nashed against Brandonbridge and meeting first team stalwart Chris Earnshaw.

Melthamapedia about Holmfirth
The picturesque Huddersfield Road ground is the driest ground in the league despite being below sea level, it also been voted the midgeiest ground in Yorkshire. Mr & Mrs Meltham also voted it their favourite ground of all time (after Meltham of course).

Form & Prediction
Meltham AWWAA
Holmfirth WLLAA
On current form its gotta be another washout

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/09
Sat 16th June - Meltham 2nd XI vs Broad Oak - League 1.30pm

With another poor week of weather forecast the chances of a game at Meltham are again looking slim but if there is play the 2nds are still looking for a first win in 2012 as Broad Oak make the short trip to the MCG.
With Burgin & Cockshaw back from holidays it looks a stronger side that lost by 7 wickets at the Oak 2 weeks back especially with Clegg A, Holmes and Cam 47 Field also in the side. Brook & Moulson are unlucky to miss out but competition for places can only be good.
Broad Oak sit 2 places above us in the league and will again be hoping from performances from Woodruff, Brooke, Metcalf(s) & Mee as the seek to distance themselves from a relegation scrap.

Last Season
Lost by 5 wkts
Lost by 50 runs

Played for Both
Since the only 2 I can think of (Gaunt & Burgin) have already featured there is nobody else to feature.

Melthamapedia about Broad Oak
Broad Oak were one of the first clubs in Huddersfield to get a bar which can get very busy at times which is probably why Elland couldn't even get in for a Mars Bar last week. It is also the ground where H Palmer hit the biggest 6 of his life that landed at Hoyle Ing WMC after bouncing off the roof of the Sair back in 1995.

Form & Prediction
Meltham ALALLA
Broad Oak ALWLWA

Going for a cheeky 2 points this week after looking at the weather forecast.

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/08
Sat 9th June - Meltham 2nd XI vs Barkisland - League 1.30pm

The 2nd team will aim to get a first win of 2012 this week as for the 2nd week in a row a team from Barkisland make the trip to the MCG.
With 1 Storey returning but 1 ruled out of 1st team action it mean Earnshaw stays with them and Clegg A returns to 2nd team action. Boyd also returns after drinking action as does Holmes after living in the wild, Burgin is amazingly still on holiday.
Barkisland will arrive full of optimism, sitting mid table after a couple of wins recently. There are many players doing a bit this year with runs coming from Oddy & Whiteoak and Josh Travis still leads the bowling attack backed up by a couple of Finches.

Last Season
Rained off
Meltham Lost by 9 wickets

Played for both
Still nobody but they had a Fraine play for them and we do have a Fraine playing for us. Some people thought the Fraine at Barkisland even looked a bit like our Fraines dad. How strange is that.

Melthamapedia about Barkisland
They were the first club in Yorkshire to get an electronic scorebox and their ground was the scene of the funniest run out and refusal/fall ever seen in club cricket. Also Pixie has never thrown up at Barkisland.

Form & Prediction
Meltham AALALL
Barkisland AALWWL

Away win - simple.

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/07 - Double Header Edition
Sat 2nd June - Meltham 1st XI vs Barkisland - Pop n Crisps 1.30pm
Mon 4th June - Meltham 1st XI vs Broad Oak - League 1.30pm

As the season sneaks into June the 1st XI aim to play their first home game of 2012 when they welcome Barkisland for the Pop N Crisps cup round 1 and then on Monday Broad Oak make the short trip to the MCG in the league.
With posh school duties completed the RaRa boys of Fraine & Hyphen come straight back into a first team that were impressive winners at Armitage Bridge last week, Storey J is missing so Clegg A is promoted after impressive performances in the 2nds and Joe Lumb recently. Monday it is the same team.
The visitors on Saturday currently top the Championship by 1 point after last seasons disappointing relegation. In the visitors side there are many experienced performers well known to Meltham such as Gary Colman, Darren Robinson & Dave Weston as well as the young talent of Isaac Pollitt. Also in the ranks as MCC followers will remember is the very expensive Burger.
Mondays visitors were also relegated last year and they too have started well and sit just 2 points off the top of a very tight division. They will also bring a team with well known names such as Rushworth, McCreadie & Freeland and i'm sure a close fought derby will ensue.

Last Season
No meetings with either

Played for Both
For Barkisland I don't think there has ever been anybody, even though we both did have a R Holroyd playing in the same game. Also the fact that Armo is related to half of them I don't think counts either.

With regards Broad Oak the most high profile played for both is current Meltham 2nd teamer Richard 'Billy' 'Big Mig' Burgin, who after winning more Sykes cups than most clubs have done in their history, became disillusioned with life at the MCG in the late 90s. After hearing of the wild parties and fun to be had over in the Colne Valley he decided to throw his keys in and join Broad Oak which he did for a couple of successful years. However after finding that life wasn't all cherries & other fruitbowl items at the Oak, Burgy decided to return to Meltham and now he plys his trade in the 2nd team where he still loves to field all day and bat against 2nd team wickettakers.

Melthamapedia about Barkisland
They got their name due to the pitch being surrounded by big, tall trees which give the appearance of an island surrounded by bark. It is also the only club that can say they had a Land Rover stopped play.

Melthamapedia about Broak Oak
The ground at Broad Oak was the first in Huddersfield to provide an international standard balcony and viewing area for players. The ground also is not actually in a place called Broad Oak, nobody actually knows where it is - some say it is Linthwaite yet some say it is in Cowlersley.

League Form & Predictions
Meltham - WALAW
Barkisland - WALWW
Broad Oak - LAWAW

Two tight games forcasted. Pop n Crisps will come down to the bowling options with the 10 over max rule but I can Meltham just squeaking both games.

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/06
Sat 26th May - Meltham 2nd XI vs Slawit - League 1.30pm

As the sun starts to finally shine Meltham 2nds aim to get their season kicked off as they search their first win of 2012 as their Colne Valley neighbours Slawit visit the MCG.
Bolstered by the return of Cockshaw, Burgin & Armitage a full 11 will be on show despite the Town being on 'Telly, Harry Brook can feel himself very unlucky to miss out this week after a good performance last week as can Matt White who also misses out.
Slawit usually field a strong 2nd team but what with Wembley trips and changing shifts at the fire station who knows what side will arrive but in Paynes, West, Beardsell and some talanted juniors no doubt there will be some talent in the side.

Last Season
MCC Lost by 10 wickets
MCC Lost by 2 runs

Played for Both
Can't think of anyone but i'm sure George Gaunt must have played there since he played at all clubs in the Colne Valley. The bearded, gaylord, folk loving liberal who is now expanding his knowledge at Lincoln Uni in 2 years played around at least 10 clubs in Huddersfield before settling into a life at Mean Lane way before his 15th birthday. After showing early promise his bowling declined to 2nd team wickettakers but his batting continues to show promise when it can be fitted in between stacking the shelves at Sainsbury's.
GGs highs at Meltham include the wicket of Matthew Wood with a pure wickettaker and winning Gaylord of the year 2010 before being outgayed by Jack Moulson.
However he may not have played at slawit so sorry if not.

Melthampedia about Slawit
Despite being spelt Slawit it is actually pronounced as Slay-thwayte and is the warmest ground in the UK and the only one where a big hit can land on a trainline, in a canal or on a motorway. Slawit is also the only ground in history at which Meltham have won at despite being bowled out for 60.

League Form Guide
Meltham Ax3, Lx2
Slay-thwayte Wx2, Lx1, Ax2
So its gotta be a home win

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/05
Sun 19th May - Meltham 2nd XI vs Hoylandswaine - League 1.30pm

After heavy defeats in the last 2 home games the 2nd XI will be trying to kickstart their season when Hoylandswaine trek over from South Yorkshire on Sunday.
With Cockshaw (still poorly), Burgin (still on a jolly), Gaunt (beard growing), Holmes (kids football team commitments), White (missing), Armitage (Ladies team duties) and the some 2nd teamers having played more 1st team games than 2nd due to the rara situation the 2nds are down to the bare bones meaning a recall for Harry Brook.
The Swaine however will surely bring a strong side of players who can't get into their affluent 1st XI. The likes of Scott Marsh, Mark Hinchcliffe, Stuart Wilson & Daniel Hoyle who have all been in the runs this year would get in most clubs 1st XIs and this strength has led them to 2 wins in 2 after an opening day defeat at Golcar.

Last Season
No Meeting

Played for Both
Nobody I can think of

Melthampedia about Hoylandswaine
The Haigh Lane ground has a clubhouse with more bay windows than any other in Yorkshire, it has 6 bay windows as well as large french doors and gained the Safestyle rep a four figure bonus when the contract to fit it was won. It also has the smallest changing rooms in England which on our last visit was 93.7% full with just Shaw, Rudkin & Ervine in them.

Form Guide & Prediction
Meltham A, A, L, L
Swaine L, A, W, W
Looking at the sides and with Meltham boasting the run machines of Rudkin, Field, Brook, Moulson & Clegg I hope i'm wrong but I can't see anything other than an away win.

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/05
Sat 19th May - Meltham 1st XI vs Lepton Highlanders - League 1.30pm

After scoring 193/20 in the last 2 games Meltham 1sts aim to get their stuttering season back to winning ways when Lepton Highlanders visit.
Again missing the posh boys on school duty, it will be upto the experienced players to build on the starts they have getting to post a competitive score.
Lepton were also disappointed last week when soundly beaten by the cross jostlers and will be hoping the likes of Brown, Slack, Grey & Webster can get amongst the runs.

Last Season
Meltham won by 9 wickets
Meltham won by 43 runs
Lepton won by 51 runs

Played for Both
With Lepton a relative newcomer to the league there are very few players who have played for both Lepton & Meltham, one who has though is Meltham 2nd XI skipper Barry Shaw.
The pie loving opening batter/slogger and occasional slow non spinner started life at the Wakefield Road club at 8 years old and rose through the ranks as a middle order nudger and nurdler and a lightening quick opening bowler. After winning all there was to win at Lepton he opted to join the mighty Meltham who were at the time the best side in Yorkshire (oh how times have changed).
Shaw quickly secured the non batting and non bowling number 8 spot in the 1st team as well as the 12th man on cup finals place before drink & food enabled him to find his style and level in 2nd team cricket.
His highlights at Meltham include winners medals for Sykes Cup, Paddock Shield, Yorkshire Champions, Johnson Cup & Hinchcliffe Cup as well as meeting Robert Pixie Parker.

Melthamapedia about Lepton
The Highlanders ground sits on land high above the village of Lepton and at an altitude of 637 feet is one of the highest in Yorkshire, however nobody knows how they got the name 'The Highlanders'. It is also the ground which holds the world record for overs bowled in the same jumper as Lepton legend Alan Whizz Waring bowled 23 overs every week for over 40 years without once removing his jumper.

Form Guide & Prediction
Meltham W6, A2, L, L0
Lepton W6, A2, W, L1
Both sides in similar form so it will depend on the performances of each sides key man and the battles between Storey & Brown and Ashraf & Khaliq but i've got to go for a tight home win.

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/04
Sat 12th May - Meltham 2nd XI vs Honley - League 1.30pm

Meltham hope to start their league season this week when neighbours Honley visit a still very soft MCG. 
Honley got off to a winning start in the league on the opening day and generally boast a side full of experience with the likes of England, Cawtheray and Woodhead and i'm sure they will bring a strong side to Mean Lane.
For the home side Fraine and Hyphen are on rara duty meaning Moulson & Clegg go into the firsts. Burgin (booze cruise), Holmes (parenting duties), Cockshaw (illness), Brook (childrens party?), Clarke (working) & Gaunt (studying) are all missing so Rudkin, Armitage, White, Kenworthy, Clegg S & bird watcher Field come in.

Last Season
No meeting

Played for both
There have been a few players down the years that have played for both Honley & Meltham including one of David Lockwoods favourite cricketers 'Deadly' Darren Hinchcliffe.
In a successful career that has spanned decades, deadly made his name starring at Honley when they weren't very good unlike how they are today. One of loads of Hinchcliffes, Daz scored many a run opening the batting as well as picking up wickets with his medium paced dibble, his highlights at Honley include losing in the Sykes Cup final against Meltham.
Daz, now in his 2nd spell at Meltham, is highlighting his all round skills by stumping as his dodgy shoulder prevents him bowling as well as still being a top order batsman.

Melthamapedia about Honley
The 'far end' ground is officially classed as too big for cricket by Wisden and a lap has been measured at just under half a mile. It also was the venue to the world record of oldest batting partnership when P Dibb & J Sanderson batted together with a combined age of 197.

Form Guide & Prediction
Meltham (last 3 games) - A2, A2, Lost by Loads
Honley (last 3 games) - W5, A2, Result not yet in (thanks league website)
After last weeks performance and a side with the longest tail in history it has got to be an away win but i'm hoping to be proved wrong.

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/03
Sat 5th May - Meltham 2nd XI vs Kirkheaton 1pm Paddock Shield

The cricket season will finally get underway at Meltham at some point this weekend as its the first round of the cup and Kirkheaton are the visitors.
Kirkheaton were one of the few teams to play last week and were probably wishing they hadn't after suffreing a 6 wicket defeat when they were shot out for 26 with no player getting double figures. 
As per the first week Meltham were waterlogged off and are yet to even have an outdoor net, let alone play this year so maybe a tad rusty. At least the football season has ended meaning Holmes & Burgin are available, Will Parker comes in after missing last weekends rain due to a little jaunt to Edinburgh. Rudkin misses due to a family do.

Last Season
No meeting

Played for Both
Some of you older readers may recall a suave and slighty olive skinned Danny Alford playing for Meltham from Under 13 level in the early 80's going on to opening the batting for our 1st XI in the later part of the decade. He faced the dastardly West Indian test pace bowler Tony Gray who ran in from the sightscreen for a couple of deliveries after being goaded by the noisy home crowd - it was the first year of coloured clothing at the MCG with young Danny wearing "browns" much to Pixie's amusement - although Pixie was wearing a pillow under his shirt that day!! Danny went on to play for Yeton and received some of the worst abuse I have heard as he faced his first delivery on his return - think he was either castled or LBW first ball and was jeered all the way back to the famous green hut. He was last seen in either the Caribbean or Arctic sea on a cruise liner where he went off to be a croupier.

Melthamapedia about Kirkheaton
The bankfield ground has more unknown species of flora and fauna growing around it than any other in the world due to its proximity to the ICI/Zeneca factory.

Form Guide & Prediction
Since the home side are yet to play again it will be hard to say but going on the visitors performance last week and the difference in divisions it has got to a home win this week.

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/02
Sat 28th April - Meltham 1st XI vs Thongsbridge 130pm

Meltham 1st XI hope to get their home campaign started this week and will aim to back up last weeks hard fought victory at Holmfirth when Thongsbridge visit Mean Lane.
Like Meltham, Thongsbridge edged an opening day low score affair for a full 6 points and will be confident going into this game. The visitors have already confirmed the same side as last week where wickets and runs were shared about with the likes of Shah, Ali, Raven-Hills and Parkin the main performers.
Meltham are yet to confirm a side as the likes of Fraine & Murray-Webster are yet to ask their mums if they can play as well as waiting on the availability of KK but with the likes of Clegg and Earnshaw waiting to step up the home side have enough on the replacement front.

Last Season
No meeting

Played for both.
Thongsbridge 1st team skipper & team administrator Ben Raven-Hill has played for both Meltham & Thongsbridge in recent years. The man who made Hyphens popular in Meltham had a couple of seasons at the MCG but didn't quite score the runs he would have liked and soon returned down the valley to score runs again at Miry Lane. Ben was a likeable lad who had batting ability (not sure on the leg spin though) and was missed when he went back to Thongsbridge, however his influence remains at Meltham with Murray-Webster, Kenworthy-Sykes and Strongbow-Storey amongst the Hyphens on the books.

Melthamapedia about Thongsbridge
The changing rooms/scorebox combo is the only one in England to be painted Red & Tan and is the scene of the loudest 'come on' ever grunted by John Angry Armo which measured 114 decibels after the 14th dropped 'catch' of the day.

Matchday Programme Issue 2012/01
Sat 21st April - Meltham 2nd XI vs Armitage Bridge 130pm Start.

Form Guide & Prediction
Both teams won close 6 pointers on the opening day and will be confident going into the game, however with Meltham Everglades drenched on Saturday and nothing but rain since I am confidently predicting no cricket at the MCG until May and 2 points each.

The 1st visitors to Mean Lane in 2012 will be our friends and near neighbours from just down the Big Valley - Armitage Bridge. With poor weather forecast this week and temperatures expected in single figures i'm sure the MCG will feel very welcoming.
The Bridge had a very successful 2011 with their 1sts winning silverware and the 2nds mid table in Premiership 2, they were so successful they even get mentions in the Examiner and they will be hoping to carry this on into 2012.
With no team news and signings still to be confirmed by both teams it is hard to guess what may happen in the game but i'm sure a good game will ensue with a touch of banter.

Last Season.
The game at Mean Lane was rained off with Meltham on 82/5 in the 1st innings. The game down at the Bridge was also the season opener which Armitage Bridge won comfortably by 100 runs or so.

Played for both.
Armitage Bridge 1st team skipper and Big Time Charlie, Paul 'Gaymer' Hamer has played for both Meltham and the Bridge in recent years. The lettuce loving middle order batsman did the usual trick for incoming players at Meltham and cemented a no8 spot in the 1st team as well as aiding in the field, but after 6 seasons away including a short stint at Marsden the lure of a big ground and warmer days meant a return to the Bridge. BTC's Meltham highlights include winning the Paddock Shield and meeting Chris 'Obeng' Earnshaw amongst other things.

Melthamapedia about Armitage Bridge.
The ground holds the world record for the number of trees visible from the square and was the 9th ground the Pixie Parker retired on for the final time.

Form Guide & Prediction.
As its the season opener and the is no form to speak of I am going to say rained off 2 points each is favourite this week.

Sat 10th Sept Meltham 2nd XI vs Shepley - 1230pm Start

The season draws to a close at Mean Lane with Shepley 2nds the visitors in a game that means very little to both side, not even the Schweppes Trophy will be up for grabs.
What with nothing to play for and the football season in full swing who knows what side the visitors will bring. The home side have a similar side to the one that won both games last weekend as they are dictated to who they select by rule L9(a). Again 1230 start but who knows whether it will be fit looking at the weather this week.
The 1sts however face a very different scenario this weekend when they travel to the Welfare ground. Captain Bebbs has the same side that won last week vs Lepton and will be hoping for a HD8 double to ensure promotion back to the big time.
The Clarence, who did Meltham a huge favour last week by beating Hall Bower, are now safe from relegation and are (like most in this division) a little inconsistant but on their day are well capable of beating Meltham. An important and intriguing tie which means a lot and yet the weather could also play a big factor in which division Meltham play in next year.
Good luck to the boys and lets hope it is a Championship or promotion party at the club on Saturday and not a damp squib for finishing 3rd.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue38 - Another Bumper Double Header Edition
Sat 3rd Sept Meltham 1st XI vs Lepton - Sun 2nds vs Golcar - 1230pm starts!!

In the division nobody wants to win Lepton visit Mean Lane hoping to upset another promotion candidate.
After last weeks big win over Hall Bower which did Meltham a massive favour, Lepton will arrive in good spirits no doubt. Led by Steve Brown who 'went beserk' last week to score 175 in 25 overs to surely win a rosebowl, Lepton normally provide a stern test for Meltham. Familiar names such as Winterbottom, Hodgson & Webster all generally do well up at the MCG and the home side will have to be on top form if they are to stand any chance of promotion.
With confusion over rule L9 still ongoing plus the inability of league officials to answer straightforward questions it leaves Meltham, as yet, unable to confirm a side however they haven't been affected by any drop outs from last week so far. It is now time for Captain Clueless to rally his troops and get that promotion spot.
The 2nds travel over to Shat still desperate for points after last Sundays poor showing at Delph so as to avoid relegation. Due to non confirmation over a few players plus the L9 fiasco, as like the 1sts, nothing is confirmed as yet team wise but on paper it should be a strong side we take up for the best teas in the league.
Sunday sees the Chirpy Chappies from Golcar visit Mean Lane for a clash with the 2nds again 1230pm start. As per Saturday the home side are yet to confirm a side due to L9 and whether Boydy will be able to get out of unpacking his suitcase and doing the washing to play. With only Premiership games on, at least there should be umpires so Golcars 12th man can stay at home.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 37 25/08/11 - Bumper Double Header Edition
Sat 27th Aug Meltham 2nd XI vs Marsden 
After a run of 1 point in 6 games the 2nd team face the biggest weekend of their season in a bid to retain top flight status. First up, Saturday and the visit of Armos lot from up the road in Marsden followed by a trip over t'hills to Dobcross n Delph on Sunday.
The Cuckoos arrive at the MCG safe from relegation and in good form after winning their last 2 games. Led by ex Meltham star James Farrell it seems the Cockoos are a real family bunch and expect Clees, Smiths & Daniels to be on the team sheet on Saturday. The main run getters have been Zaffino C, Smith J, Farrell J, Moorhouse and Clarke but as yet no centurians or players over 400 runs so they spread the runs about. In the bowling department, again the wickets are shared about with Ackroyd, Longmore S, Smiths x2 and Zaffino all with a share. In the talking crap department Faz and Sully Coulson stand head and shoulders above everyone else!
What side the visitors will put out is anyones guess, as like ourselves, they seem to be unable to get a settled side. Armo (1st team), Coulson (filming prequel) and Clee (1st team) seem to be missing most weeks but I am sure the visitors from the Colne Valley will provide Meltham with a stern test.
The home side will be missing White (another mini break), Gaunt (friend round for Jelly n Ice Cream), Dyson (standing on a box trying to look tall enough for a go on Nemesis), Hyphen (family camping trip?) and Boyd (holiday - Saturday to Saturday in cricket season! come on) but Daz Hinchcliffe, Kenners and Greg Cooke come in. After some poor performances with the bat this year it is time for the big guns to knuckle down and score the runs then ensure survival.
The 1st team travel over to Paddock needing to win to stand any chance of going up this year. Bebbs will hopefully have the Storeys returning after last weekend sad events with the rest of the side unchanged. A win is a must and then they still have to hope the Bower or West trip up in the race for the Premiership.
On Sunday the 2nds take a trip over the top to play 2 sides at Delph n Dobcross. A real relegation 12 pointer where, if Meltham win they can secure top flight survival. From Saturday the returning Dyson (after a go on the tea cups) and big Erv come in to replace Cockshaw (taking missus out for dinner) and Cooke with the rest unchanged. Again, like ourselves Delph have had a hard year with no continuity in the side through injury and work (plus all these holidayers and mini breakers in the cricket season) and have struggled on by putting out juniors. Hopefully a good game will ensue and an early finish so serious drinking can be done on Bank Holiday Sunday.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 36 17/08/11
Sat 20th Aug Meltham 1st XI vs Hall Bower

With 4 games to go the home side sit top of the FPC just 1 point clear of Saturdays visitors Hall Bower so it is quite a big game this week. It will be the fourth meeting of the two sides this year with the visitors winning both the league games (both tight affairs) and Meltham easily beating Bower in the Sykes Cup.
The Bower will arrive at Mean Lane in a confident mood as they, like Meltham, are up for promotion, the FPC title and/or the Hopkinson Trophy after 12 points in their last 2 games. So far this year runs have come from Javaid Ahmed, Pranesh Naidoo and Tom Cliffe however they do seem to have a few in the tail who have chipped in this year and don't seem to suffer from the MCC style domino effect. Bowling wise the leading wicket takers are Ahmed & Chris Sykes who have nearly 100 wickets between them, backed up by the slow 'spinner' Peaker and Faisal Khan and very little else.
The home side, also with 12 points in the last 2 games make 1 change from last weeks comprehensive win at Almobeenbury as Lee Storey returns from injury to replace the holidaying Space Cadet. As always captain Bebbs will be hoping for big contributions from Strongbow, El Maltesero, Boycs Trueman, Bigeli and Go as they chase a 3rd 6 pointer in a row and one that could set up a party at MCG come September. A tight affair is expected and with more rain forecasted the grafters will win on what you'd expect to be a soft and green un.
The 2nd team will be up and off just after breakfast as they travel over to Halifax to play the gentlemen of Elland. A side who were all technically very good but also great to wind up and couldn't really adapt to the MCC game in their 4 run win at Mean Lane earlier in the year. Unconfirmed reports came in from Marsden last week that they are now an even bigger side than before and would be a match for ourselves in a belly off so the teas have got to be good up at Baines Hall. Matty White should return at the expense of Greg Cooke and the skipper hopes to be fit after last weeks finger injury so hopefully we will have a strong side.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 35 10/08/11
Sat Aug 13th Meltham 2nd XI vs Broad Oak

After 2 weeks on the road the 2nds are back at the MCG and welcome the Colne Valley Cross Jostlers of Broad Oak on Saturday with a 1pm start.
The visitors sit mid table in Premiership2 and arrive at Mean Lane on the back of an easy win vs Marsden last week. With a side containing many an experienced player as well as some from their u17s who lost in the cup semi final at Meltham recently the visitors will surely be confident of completing a double over Meltham. Runs have been coming from Carl Baxter, Ben Burnett and Sean Mee recently as well as Woodruff, Rushworth and Burlaraux this season however they have been as likely to get 250 as 65 and this year were shot out for 30ish at CraggyIsland. On the bowling side, I doubt Brookys family will find as much help from the track for the slow spin but the Oakers do have some good bowlers including the aforementioned Sven n Sean Mee.
Unluckily for Broad Oak at the time of going to press Meltham have out their strongest line up of 2011. Daz Hinchcliffe and Ben Cockshaw return to open the innings with a batting line up also including Holmes, Burgin and Boyd. Under 15 Greg Cooke makes a start and with the strength of the side this week there is [currently] no place for Erv or Steeps this week. 
With poor weather and the groundsman back from his jollys this week don't expect a white WACA style wicket but a good tight encounter is the prospect.
The 1sts this week travel to the ARC and take on Almondbury in another important encounter which should go a long way in deciding their promotion credentials. With the title or the Hopkinson Trophy up for grabs Bebbys boys, bolstered by the returning Obeng & Space Cadet should be aiming to become more consistant against AlMobeenbury.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 34 27/07/11
Sat July 30th Meltham 1st XI vs Holmfirth 1st XI

The 1sts start their battle for consistency and promotion at home this week as the season enters it run in with first of 2 home games in a row, with Holmfirth the visitors this week.
Rocked by points deductions and signing on irregularities the visitors arrive rock bottom of the league and 17 points from safety as well as smarting from defeat in last weekends pop n crisps semi final. Runs, as always, have been hard to come by down at Holmfirth and indeed last week were 8 for 7 at one point but I am sure that their batters will relish the good tracks at the MCG. Cowell, Denton, Usman and Iqbal snr have been the main runscorers this year with Cowell & Denton alongside Iqbal junior the main wickettakers.
The home side will be hoping to build on the 2 wins in the last 2 in a push for promotion over a side the have beaten twice this year, once in the league and once in the 20/20. They did however lose a rain affected 25 ov slog when Bebby inserted down at Holmfirth in the first league encounter. Meltham are bolstered by the returning Storey (L) and El Malteserso however Doosra Fraine is unavailable so Bebbs will be looking for volunteers to open the batting. Its been mostly dry and the outfield is short so expect runs this week up at Mean Lane.
The 2nds have the reverse of last week when they travel over to Riley Lane to use the fabulous facilities at big spending 'Burton. I'm sure both sides will be hoping for more of a game than last week when Meltham lost by 9 wickets inside 140 minutes. With Cockshaw (flu), White (jollys) and Gaunt (shelf stacking, foo fighting, gaylording) all returning the sides average age does go up from 15 this week and i'm sure Meltham will put up more of a fight last last week.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 33 20/07/11
Sat July 23rd Meltham 2nd XI vs Kirkburton 2nd XI

After no cricket at Mean Lane last week due to the weather, we are hoping for better this week as Kirkburton 2nds visit.
The visitors sit 2nd in the league and in good form after hammering Marsden last week and will be hoping to continue to challenge Slawit for the title. A professional looking outfit with training kit and everything, 'Burton will arrive confident and chirpy as per usual. Runs usually come from Examiner favourites Greaves and Eastwood as well as Tindle. 'Burton also look strong in the bowling department with wickets regularly shared between the Kettlewells, a Smith and Crookes and it is no surprise they sit 2nd in the league. How the Huddersfield holidays will affect them is anyones guess but expect a strong side whatever.
Meltham will be missing Matt White (holiday), Rudders (holiday), Durdles (holiday), Hyphen (1st team), Gaunt (ambient goods replenishment), Boothroyd (working) and one more to the 1sts as the holiday season starts but hopefully Erv will arrive and there will be more chances for the u15s cup winners with 'T' and big Sam getting a game. With poor weather forecast this week and the groundsman topping up his tan with an Efes in his hand don't expect a run feast.
The 1sts make the trip up to Wakefield Road to play their bogey side Lepton in front of the generally beered up and partisan crowd. Bebbys boys still sit in a promotion place and will be hoping to cement that this week with a much needed victory. Maltesers misses so The Hyphenator will make his 1st team debuu behind the stumps but the rest is fairly stable, time for some consistancy.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 32 13/07/11
Sat July 16th Meltham 1st XI vs Paddock 1st XI

Melthams inconsistent 1st XI entertain Paddock in this weeks Mean Lane fixture hoping to get back to winning ways and cement a promotion place in the FPC.
Paddock have struggled a bit this season after gaining promotion last year but have had a couple of wins over teams that have beaten Meltham in recent weeks (Emley & Hall Bower) and dependent on what happens with the Holmfirth/Iqbal/Points docking saga may be out of relegation trouble at the moment. They also looked well set last week vs Almondbury when they had the fernsiders at 119/8 until they were Mobeened. Nazir, Rafiq & Siddiq lead the bowling with over 60 wickets between them and the batting is led by Zaid Ahmed who has already topped 500 runs with contributions from most others. No twitter teams news as yet but why not check out the visitors website or their twitter @paddockcc .
Meltham will be aiming to bounce back after last weeks poor defeat at Castle Hill and will also be keeping an eye on the Holmfirth/Iqbal fiasco as they aim to cement a promotion place in a league where nobody seems to want to go for it. As for team news, u15 cup winners will continue to open the batting (Fraine) and bowling (Clegg) as the only change is Matt White in for Lee Storey. With the week being dry so far the wicket should have some runs in it and a good game should ensue dependent on which Meltham turns up.
The 2nds travel upto Golcar this week for the first time in a few years with a strong looking batting line up backed by a young bowling attack and no stumper aiming to build on last weeks win vs Delph. Rudkin (injury), Gaunt (shelf stacking), Hyphenator (not allowed out by his mum), Clegg & White (1sts) all miss out but J Moulson jnr should return from Kavos to continue his fine form as Cockshaw also returns from injury in a much changed (as usual) side. Lets hope the predicted rain stays away as thos big covers at Golcar are hard to put on and also it can be a cold hole.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 31 06/07/11
Sat July 9th - Meltham 2nd XI vs Delph n Dobcross 2nd XI

This week visiting Mean Lane are struggling Delph n Dobcross in what looks like a basement relegation 12 pointer.
Delph will be hoping to continue from last week when they gained their first win of the season again a struggling Marsden side (who look like being drawn into the relegation battle). Starring in that win were stumper Belcham and skipper Lees, however this season they have struggled for runs a bit despite the likes of Cotterill, Ball and Horton in the ranks who have scored runs in the past. In the bowling department they can call on last years like prizewinner of Broadbent as well as Lees, Lilley n Jewitt jnr as well as the allround fighting talents of Muhammed Ali. In addition there must be at least 2 Jones in the side as it is in the Delph constitution. Like ourselves the visitors seem to be struggling due to not having a settled side that they can put out.
For Meltham, our own Delphinium Jason Boyd makes a welcome return from 1st team fielding duties and the bowling is further strengthened by the return of Erv and the signing of Cam Field to make his 2nd team debut. Gaunty, Matt White, Jack Moulson and Greg Cooke are however all missing either working, chest hair modelling or holidaying so the batting again looks reliant on the 'old heads'. With a fine couple of weeks the wickets should be hard and full of runs unless the weather turns for the worst but it should be an intriguing game. (Also could you all bring your purses with you please as nobody has paid me playing subs for last 2 weeks, ta!)

The firsts will be hoping its warm for their 2nd visit to Hall Bower and 3rd meeting out of 4 this season in the FPC. After a few impressive performance Meltham now sit 3 points clear at the top of the league and will be hoping to stretch that further. Storey J and Ashraf return and the impressive Cleggster and Joe Lumb Wallis keep their places to give captain Bebbs a plethora of bowling options.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 30 30/06/11
Sat July 2nd - Meltham 1st XI vs Almondbury 1st XI

Meltham 1sts entertain Almondbury at Mean Lane this week aiming to go clear at the top off the Frank Platt Championship and build on last weeks good win at Clayton West.
The visitors are somewhat surprisingly struggling this year and visit Meltham on the back of a disappointing defeat to Emley last week. Runs seem to be the problem this year despite contributions from Brothers, Kamran & Salim backed by Van-Ee and Mobeen, the latter two of which provide the main bowling options and both are quick and amongst the wickets this year.
Meltham are missing Lee Storey and Ben Cockshaw this week and Jack Moulson is dropped due to some disappointing form with the bat and they are replaced by Matty White, Sport Billy and the returning Jack Wallis. KK is still missing for some reason so again the bowling will rely on Storey (J) and Nads. Its been fairly dry so hopefully a good game is on the cards.

The 2nds travel to Barkisland buoyed by last Sundays win at Emley and hoping for similar. The bowling is a touch weaker with Cleggy on 1st team duty and no Tucker or Clarke but with Pop Guns Junior Weight Loss Champion in the side hopefully the batting is strengthened. Barkisland have been strong in recent weeks and represent a good challenge with a side with the oldest sounding names in the league what with a Seth, Ted, Cyril, Albert and Sid in the side our own Harold Brook will be in good company.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 29 22/06/11 - Bumper Double Header Edition
Sat 25th June - Meltham 2nd XI vs Slaithwaite 2nd XI

Its the 2nds at home this Saturday and they face a tough task against a strong Slawit side who thrashed Meltham by 10 wickets only a month ago up at Rumble Strips Hill Top.
Led by Chopper Holroyd Slawit are a strong side and last years champions and again are right up near the top challenging for honours. They seem to have a good mix of old and young with the likes of Holroyd, Chris Payne & Westy alongside young Payne, Bryson & Sajjad and will be expecting to be challenging for honours especially as it seems they maybe getting back into the Paddock Shield despite losing to Honley last week.
Meltham welcome back Boyd, Clegg & White after their stints as first team deputisees but Jack Wallis misses out due to his nagging hamstring injury (best to give him a couple of weeks rest so as to stop it recurring). After last weeks bowler friendly conditions and another week of poor weather don't expect a run fest this week.

There maybe runs for the first team as they travel to Clayton West on Saturday with both Will Fraine and Ibby Hussain back after missing last week. After the poor defeat to Emley last week the Mean Laners should be looking to get back to winning ways and challenge the top two places. Lets hope some of Bebbys boys graft and Meltham bat their overs out for once.

Sunday 26th June - Meltham 2nd XI vs Emley Clarence 2nd XI

On Sunday the 2nds travel to the Welfare ground in another important relegation clash. After last weeks close and controversial clash both teams will be up for it.
Meltham have a similar side to Saturday with Josh Murray-Webster coming in for Kenners and White, Clegg & Boyd all ok to play. Meltham hope to take a few supporters what with the 1sts not playing and after last weeks #chirpyfun. Hopefully the weather improves and we get a good game of cricket and a result.


Baz will sort on his return - didn't have time to do.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 27 08/06/11
Sat 11th June - Meltham 2nd XI vs Emley Clarence 2nd XI
Premiership 2
Mean Lane

Yet again the 2nds are at home in what is maybe a bit early to describe as a relegation battle between 3rd bottom Emley and 2nd bottom Meltham.
I don't know much about the visitors since we have never met in a 2nd team league fixture but it seems that Will Appleyard has been the main performer this year with both bat and ball. They have won two games this season and sit 1 place and 1 point above the home side in Premiership2.
Meltham will be without skipper Shaw and Joe Lumb player Wallis through injury, also Cleggy may be on 1st team duties and Erv is away topping up his tan in Majorca but Ben Cockshaw definitely returns as does Jason Boyd. Richard Burgin skippers an experienced side containing Cleaver and Kenners on their first outings of the year plus a recalled Tucker to bolster the bowling.
A tight game should ensue and the home side will be hoping to continue from last weeks fantastic win over Shat.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 26 01/06/11
Sat 4th June - Meltham 2nd XI vs Skelmanthorpe 2nd XI
Premiership 2
Mean Lane

On Saturday we welcome our old foes Skelmanthorpe to Mean Lane as yet again it is the 2nds at home and the 1sts on the road. Usually a strong and vocal side, Shat have got off to a strong start and are up with the leaders in Premiership2.
The visitors bowling attack seems to be their main strength with Scott Jagger, Big Joe Hinchcliffe & Paul Roebuck regularly amongst the wickets this year and will expect to carry on doing so this weekend. Runs have been more of a problem as they have lost a few wickets chasing small totals but Ryan Jagger, Roebucksx2, Green and Redgy have all had some success this year.
Meltham, at last, are looking a little stronger mainly due to a full 1st team and all the bank holidays now done. Wallis and Clegg return to open the bowling and for the first time this year we have a middle order with Burgin, White and Holmes all available. Missing is Jason Boyd, either holidaying or designing bus seat covers or something and Ben Cockshaw remains unavailable.
With a heatwave due and the Mean Lane track the best we've seen in years expect a run feast as Meltham aim for their first win of the year.

The 1sts travel to Holmfirth again in a game which I doubt will be a run feast down there. Hopefully captain Bebbs with have learnt from his mistakes on a pitch where the team batting first has won 7 out of 8 times this year and on 4 occasions teams have failed to get past 65. With Hamid and Storey J returning to Mondays side Wallis n Clegg drop out when hopefully, Meltham get back to winning ways.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 25 25/05/11 - Yet Another Double Edition
Sat 28th May - No game at Mean Lane

This Saturday the leagues super fixture computer has thrown up a problem with no game scheduled to be played at Mean Lane. The 1sts travel to Kirkheaton in the 1st round of the Pop N Crisps Cup whilst the 2nds are also on the road as they travel to the batters paradise at Slawit.

The 1sts look to be at usual strength as KK returns to the side that threw away the upset chance at Hemplow on Sunday to replace a missing Storey, Frainey is on school hols so continues to open and after some impressive performances last weekend more will be expected of Hamid, Shah & Hussain. Kirkheaton are struggling in Cedar Court 1 and Meltham start as favourites in a game they should win in a competition they should have realistic thoughts of winning.
The 2nds travel to Slawit on the back of last weeks agonizing defeat against Elland. Usually a decent deck it seems the Moonrakers strip has gone with scores of 73, 74-6, 49-5, 123, 114 & 91 in recent weeks so at least an early finish in time for the Champions League Final is in prospect.
Meltham will miss the batting power of the holidaying Burgin & Matt White but at least Durdles makes a return from injury and the batting is further improved by an appearance by Steeps. Jack Wallis has finished his revising and should be fit to open the bowling but Ben Cockshaw is still missing.

Meltham 2nd XI vs Barkisland - Mon 30th May 

After a blank Saturday senior cricket returns to Mean Lane on Bank Holiday Monday as the other Halifax side, Barkisland, visit Meltham WACA.
After a strong start the visitors slumped to defeat versus Kirkburton last week so will have been knocked off the top of the table. Usually a strong and boisterous (some may say trappy) side, key performances have been from the familiar names of Travis J x2, Holroyd, Oddy & Sykes and they will travel expecting a win over a struggling home side.
Hopefully Meltham will pick up from last weeks performance against Elland and continue to improve. As Saturday Matty White and Burgy are missing but Simon Holmes, Jordan Steeples, Jack Wallis & Josh Murray Webster return that should not only bolster the batting but make the average height get over 5ft 5. 
Sore heads and tired performances may be expected dependent on the footy on Sunday but hopefully a good natured contest should ensue as Meltham, like Barkis 1st team, seek their first victory of 2011.
The 1sts make the short away trip to Holmfirth on Monday, captain Bebbs will be hoping for a similar strength side to Saturday when they visit top of the table Holmfirth. Who knows the make up of the Holmfirth side but so far they have been performing well, but lets hope that Bebby and his mates from over the tops are ok at Marsden Passport control.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 24 18/05/11 - Another Double Edition
Meltham 2nd XI vs Elland - Sat 21st May
Premiership 2

On the back of a 2 match unbeaten run Meltham 2nds welcome our friends from Halifax this week when Elland visit Mean Lane.
Elland have started the season strongly and sit 1 point off the top of the table after 3 wins from the first 5 games. Boasting a balanced and sometimes quite large side Elland seem to have benefitted from a strengthening of their firsts and have blended youth with experience. The batting seems strong with young Blakey and some old fella called Palmer scoring the bulk of the runs so far, but rumour has it that the Percy clan are off drinking Super Bock and white port this weekend. As well as himself, Wardy can also call upon a wealth of bowling options with Rehman and O'Connell in the wickets recently as well as the slightly smaller Palmer and former Meltham prizewinner Roy.
Meltham hope to have Cockshaw back from illness and A N Player could possibly sign to further boost the so far shocking batting. The rest of the side is similar to last week, but hopefully there are some signs that Boyd & Clegg are starting to find a bit of batting form and we could finally post a score to bowl at. At least last weekends unbeaten 4 point haul has lifted us out of the relegation zone and there are some signs of progress.

The firsts travel to Paddock and need to get back into the form they showed in the first 3 games. Capatin Bebbs will be hoping for more contributions with the bat from the majority of the side as well as  more of a killer instinct in the field to finish teams off in what promises to be another close encounter.

On Sunday the firsts have a tricky Sykes Cup tie away at Mardsen (1pm start) and travel in hope of causing a shock.
Bebby and his cross border mates won't have far to travel to passport control Hemplow and lets hope for better weather than when the 2nds were there last week, where it was very wet and slippy and play not possible.
Marsden are looking decent again in the Premiership with the likes Butters, Clee and Kilner all performing well, the ex Meltham imports less so with only Ali Farrell making into the 1sts to bat at 8 but at least it means the Meltham players ears maybe saved.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 23 11/05/11 - Double Edition
Meltham 1st XI vs Lepton Highlanders - Sat 14th May 

After last weeks disappointing defeat at Mean Lane to Hall Bower the home aim to bounce back with a win when they entertain Lepton on Saturday.

Lepton, who beat Meltham 3 times last year, have had an up and down start this year winning 2 but being bowled out for 50 in 2 of their games so far but will be upbeat after last weeks win vs Clayton West and should be confident going into the game. As usual they will be relying on the all round talents of the experienced Dale Winterbottom and new skipper Stephen Brown to both score the runs and take wickets backed up by Alex Slack and Luke Webster. The Highlanders side hasn't changed much from last year and with no overseas player this year, they like Meltham will be a mix of experienced local talent as well as some youngsters of promise.

Meltham are missing their 2nd highest run scorer in 14yo Boycott who is back studying as well as their 2nd highest wicket taker KK, they are replaced by Hamid and Wallis and the rest is the same as usual. Meltham will be hoping for better fielding and a few more runs this week as they continue to push for promotion.

Its ear plugs and woolly jumpers at the ready for the 2nds this week as they trek up to Marsden for another difficult game. Meltham, who so far have yet to make a game last any length of time, will yet again be hoping to score some runs so as their balanced bowling attack can at least have a target to bowl to.

Sunday 15th May
Meltahm 2nd XI vs Armitage Bridge
Mean Lane

On Sunday the seconds are at home in a league game and entertain Armitage Bridge, the side who beat them by 100 runs in the seasons opener. With no Burgin and Cockshaw, runs will again be at a premium but there is a return for Steeples and hopefully Daz Hinchcliffe will have finished his night shift in time for a game.
Armitage Bridge, who have started the season brightly, will be hoping for more of the same up at Meltham but they may have to adjust to the slightly smaller ground and bit bouncier wickets than they are used down by the Monkey Club.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 22 04/05/11
Meltham 1st XI vs Hall Bower - Sat 7th May

Meltham return to league action this week and face the team that they comprehensively beat in last weeks Sykes Cup match.
The visitors will be hoping to be stronger than last week when opening batsman and skipper Dunne and opening bowler Sykes were missing. They will also be aiming for more runs from Bottomley, Javid and Cliffe and make a bigger score than last weeks disappointing 125 up at Castle Hill. Nadeem Rafiq and Fezal Khan should back the bowling of Sykes up (if he returns) and whether the spin of Peaker is effective depends on the weather and the surface which hasn't spun much so far this year.
Meltham are strengthened by the return of Fraine from posh school and R Balboa is also available to play again after his week off shade wearing. The rest of the team, especially the so far impressive bowling unit, remains the same and captain Bebbs will be hoping that Meltham maintain the perfect start that has so far been achieved in 2011.

Meltham 2nds make the short trip over to Broad Oak with a distinctly stronger looking side than has been available so far. What with holidays and football out of the way plus no game at posh school Meltham should be aiming for as many runs in one game as they have mustered all year. With Earnshaw and Cockshaw returning at the top of the order plus the availability of Burgin, Boyd, Hyphen and Wallis, Meltham should go into this one confident of putting the bad start behind them.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 21 27/04/11
Meltham 2nd XI vs Shepley - Sat 30th April 2011
Paddock Shield 1st Round

Cup action this week as Shepley are the visitors in the first round of the Paddock Shield starting at 1pm.
Again we are still in April and Easter holidays so the respective strength of the teams may not yet be known but I am sure the visitors will start off favourites due to the current lack of runs in the Meltham team so far this year.
You would expect Shepley to have a strong seconds what with the investment made in their 1st team and they finished high up last year. A boisterous lot they will rely on the very experienced Stuart Greaves with both bat and ball and usually have input from Parry and some promising youngsters.
Meltham have Wallis back to try and prove his fitness and hopefully Burgin and Holmes have kicked their last football for a while to bolster the batting, Matt White also returns from his Easter Break but Boydy is still on holiday.
Can't predict a result as don't know the strength of the teams yet but if the dry weather holds up and the track plays like last week there could be some runs.

The 1sts hope to maintain their 100% record away at Hall Bower in the Sykes cup, however there is no Fraine due to schooling plus injury doubts over Moulson so the Shaw duo of Earn and Cock are drafted in to replace but the rest of the team as is expected and captain Bebbs will be hoping for more of the same.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 20 20/04/11
Meltham 2nd XI vs Scholes - Sat 23rd April 2011
Mean Lane 130pm

Week two of the 2011 season and the 2nds will be hoping for better than last week as they prepare to welcome our Holme Valley neighbours Scholes to Mean Lane.
Who knows what the teams will be due to fact that it is the Easter weekend and still in the football season but after looking at the opening day results I doubt it will be a high scoring affair.
Scholes arrive on the back of a 6 wicket thumping in time for tea with a performance that has drawn comparisons with the newly formed Scholes Cougarettes and will be hoping for better this week. Whether the usual suspects of Wimpenny x 2, Steers, Brooks x loads, Boormans etc will be playing is anyones guess but I am sure that Scholes will arrive with some junior prospects as well as some experience keen to get their season on track and be up challenging for the honours as most expect them to do.
For the hosts, the skipper has many a selection headache with no fewer than 6 players yet to confirm their availability due to football, work, injury and holiday commitments in addition the the confirmed absentees of White, Boyd, Steeples and Boothroyd. We do, however welcome Ben Cockshaw back who has declined to join Lascelles Hall and he should add to both batting and bowling. Runs will be needed from Shaw, Earnshaw and Gaunt at the top of the order and hopefully Rudkin and Clegg can bowl like last week.

The 1sts make the short trip to Fernside this week and hope to carry last weeks performance on against a decent looking Almondbury side.
Buoyed by the 6 wicket win, captain Bebb will again be hoping for good things from our homegrown juniors and our new uncle and nephew bowlers who all made contributions last week and that young Fraineys tea doesn't interfere with his batting. Martin Sykes' Almondbury look a good side and Meltham will have to play 'wrist breaker' Mobeen and Dutchman Johannes Wilhelm Van (H)Ee well if they are to come away with the points against an Almondbury side that also started with a comfortable 6 point win.

MATCHDAY PROGRAMME Issue 19 13/04/11
Meltham 1st XI vs Clayton West - Sat 16th April 2011
Mean Lane 130pm

Well its that time of year again and another season of optimism, hope and change for Meltham CC. This year the firsts kick off the home programme with Clayton West the visitors to Mean Lane.
Clayton arrive after finishing 3rd last year but like Meltham have had a bit of rebuilding and change in the playing personnel over the winter. Gone is the prolific overseas of last year and as yet a replacement is yet to arrive, but with youth more in mind than money the Shat 2nd team trio of Barbersx2 and a Jagger have joined. Led by the experienced Mark Firth, big runs will also be expected as always from Stuart Rank and Clayton will also expect contributions from the likes of Dean Rickson and Kevin Rank. 
For the hosts, new skipper Bebb leads the side and all four new signings are on show (at time of going to press). As like the visitors youth will be to the fore with home grown juniors Fraine (15), Moulson (17 & 3/4s), Wallis (17) and Kenworthy (18ish) all expected to have good 2nd seasons in first team cricket. Runs will also be expected from Ashraf, Hussain and Hamid and a varied bowling attack will be led by the Rochdale Storey duo. 
All in all a good test for both teams in what promises to be a tight league again and lets hope that we have some decent and warm weather first up.

The 2nd team travel down the valley to Armitage Bridge for their opening fixture and will be hoping to mark their return to Premiership2 with a first day win.
With some players yet to confirm what with football, university and work commitments the squad is looking quite strong for a first game. Barry Shaw skippers again and hopefully they can get off to a good start. Chris Earnshaw (due to Fraineys availability) and KK Mhundwa (due to work) are in the squad with the rest of the squad as per last year.

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