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NAME - William Parker

AKA - Sweeters, Mr Tickle, Milhouse, Gay Poet, Pigeon, Scowler, Gorgeous, Gunther

DESCRIPTION - Opening quick bowler & lower order stroke player (I deal in boundaries!)

BEST BATTING - 30-odd vs Shepley 2nd XI, 2012

BEST BOWLING - over 200 at UK Superbowl, Leeds rd.

PREVIOUS CLUBS - Lascelles Hall

FAVOURITE AWAY GROUND - Armitage Bridge, it's touching distance from my front door (I have incredibly long arms).


FAVOURITE FOOD & DRINK - Sweetcorn and Babycham/Cider

FAVOURITE TV / FILM - TV has to be House and M.A.S.H.
Film is definitely Blade 2 or I love you Philip Morris!

KARAOKE SONG - You're the best by Joe Esporito

FUNNIEST SIGHT IN CRICKET - Tucker bowling or a jack russel being hit when trying to catch a ball being bowled at someone knocking up during an evening league game (the dog wasn't badly injured, merely ran away and pissed it's self)

BEST PLAYER PLAYED WITH - difficult, either spade face laney or Tucker. Probably Ghurman Rhandawa though

WHAT MIGHT THE OPPOSITION SAY TO YOU - How the f*** did that hit the stumps!!

CRICKET CLAIM TO FAME - Bowling Ryan Robinson with a half tracker at Lascelles Hall(see comment above)

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